Written by Anne Dequeker

4 March 2022


Financing your project for a better air quality with the ADEME agency

After schools, ADEME launches once again the “Aide à l’action des collectivités territoriales et locales en faveur de l’air” (Aact-air), a national fund to finance projects for a better indoor and/or outdoor air quality within communities! It is a real opportunity to democratize the interest of the various actors of our society on the quality of the air. Ellona explains everything on how to set up a policy for air quality improvement within communities and how the ADEME can help you to finance this type of project!

Why create a project for better air quality in communities?

Outdoor and indoor pollution are nowadays important issues for all companies and organizations: orienting its activity towards a sustainable policy with the least possible impact on the environment are part of the prerequisites to survive as an entity. National and European actors are also deeply oriented towards this sustainable vision, through the laws and regulations put in place to encourage the whole society to become aware of the environmental dangers on our health and the planet. Thus, communities play a major role in reducing emissions and meeting established standards!

You are the perfect target to apply to this call for projects if you want to:

  • Address national index exceedances for pollutants subject to stringent regulations.
  • Correspond to the recommendations of the World Health Organization to avoid exposing citizens to the impacts of pollution as much as possible and preserve the environment.
  • Improve indoor air quality in public buildings, homes and public facilities for the well-being of all; professionals and individuals.

Achieving this type of objective requires the implementation of tools for the identification and remediation of various pollutants and environmental nuisances. Joining the Aact-air of the ADEME allows the communities to benefit from a financial and technical support, allowing the installation of precise technology such as ours! Indeed, ellona’s offers for the identification, analysis and remediation of indoor and outdoor environmental nuisances are eligible for ADEME standards and can be financed by the latter.

More than just measuring pollutants, our offers for indoor (POD2) and outdoor (WT1) environments provide a global and real-time knowledge of the quality of your environments. By creating your project for a better air quality with the ADEME agency and ellona, you are sure to settle intelligent solutions perfectly adapted to your needs and objectives in the long term. Ellona accompanies you towards more well-being and less harmful impacts on health and the environment!

Financing your project with ADEME: how to go about it?

The AACT-AIR initiative helps you finance your project to improve air quality with a grant of up to 70% of your total project budget. In 2021, the winners had been able to benefit from a grant of 440 000€! To have the chance to make your project a reality, you must first apply to ADEME and meet a few criteria:

  • Your project must lead to concrete actions for a better indoor and/or outdoor air quality.
  • The fields to be privileged are transport and mobility, urban planning, green waste management, wood heating, changes in individual and collective practices.
  • A little more: ADEME pays particular attention to social equity and the fight against poverty (energy for example).

It’s up to you to estimate the areas you want to focus on to improve the quality of the environment in your communities! Don’t delay too long in submitting your application, the deadline is May 17, 2022. Visit the “Acting for Transition” website for more information on how to apply.

Ready to create your project to make your communities more sustainable and air quality friendly? Why not turn to ellona to help you? Discover our scientific expertise based on IoT and Environmental Intelligence technologies for healthier indoor and outdoor spaces for all!

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