Written by Anne Dequeker

4 March 2024


ANIKAIR: for an advanced environmental monitoring of farms


Productivity, well-being, and animal health are crucial, whether in intensive farming, dairy operations, stables, or zoological parks. Deteriorated environmental conditions can compromise the well-being of animals and impact the profitability of operations. Real-time environmental monitoring is a versatile solution to anticipate health issues, reduce costs, and improve the quality of life for animals.




Advanced non-intrusive monitoring for preserved health, optimized productivity, and controlled operating costs

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Prevention and early detection: ANIKAIR is designed to proactively address issues related to animal mortality, productivity, and health associated with environmental conditions. It swiftly detects degraded situations such as contaminations, performance losses, and faulty ventilation. This innovative approach not only reduces labor and medical monitoring costs but also maximizes the well-being of the animals.

Minimization of physical inspections: ANIKAIR offers the possibility to streamline regular inspections by optimizing surveillance rounds. This approach preserves the daily routine and living environment of animals while ensuring efficient monitoring.

Cost reduction: ANIKAIR stands out for its ability to manage and optimize ventilation, reduce the risks of massive contamination, prevent performance losses, and ensure continuous 24/7 monitoring of animal behavior. These features enable comprehensive economic management of facilities, contributing to optimal operational performance.

Swift and informed decision-making: The device’s constant connectivity and alert systems facilitate near-instantaneous decision-making (readings every 10 seconds), effectively minimizing intervention delays and risks.


The ELLONASOFT platform analyzes data in real-time and generates instant alerts in case of threshold exceedances
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Advanced monitoring of 10 key parameters

The innovative design of our ANIKAIR device ensures optimal adaptation to the natural behaviors of animals (pecking, grabbing, tapping, pulling).

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Ergonomic design: Dissuading attempts at grabbing or biting, the ergonomic shape ensures both the safety of animals and the durability of the system.

Durable materials: Robust materials guarantee an extended lifespan, resisting the aggressive behaviors of animals in various environments.

Secure fastening: Firmly attached to prevent tearing, the device offers essential stability for constant and accurate monitoring.


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Size: 25 x 13 x 9 cm
Weight: 1.4 kg (with battery)
Power Supply: via mini USB 5V plug, supplied transformer, or rechargeable battery
Battery recharge time: 12h
Autonomy: 20 days (on battery)
Communication: WiFi or SIM
Installation: Hanging by screwing or magnetic support


Refer to the ANIKAIR brochure

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