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Traffic impact on air quality & odor​ from a seaport



Year: 2021


Application: Sustainable infrastructures


Local authorities are committed to ensuring compliance with regulations to protect the environment. One key area of focus is identifying pollutants from the traffic of ships and boats in the area. To achieve this, authorities track boats entering and leaving the docks to monitor for potential issues. By taking these proactive measures, authorities aim to prevent local complaints and keep the area clean and safe for all.




  • Continuous monitoring  of air quality indicators (gases, particles, noise) 
  • Real-time analysis of event signature  detection 
  • Restriction of power supply access and communication means. Devices have to be self powered 



  • Network of ellona  WT1  on power supply and solar panel configuration 
  • Deployment  at strategic activity points (administrative offices, dock for cruise ships, warehouses of goods)
  • Configuration of ellona anomaly detection distance to detect events
  • Alarm models on gases, and particles

Main results


  • Continuous monitoring of gases (SO2, NO2, H2S, NH3, VOCs) and PM
  • Comply with regulations thanks to real-time data collection ​and alert notification
  • Correlation between  local traffic and anomaly  detection distance at different period of the day