Cleaning solution

Carry out a complete and regular cleaning and disinfection process, adapted to the frequentation and real conditions of the space while ensuring an environment with no bad smells or the harmful odors of cleaning products.

Your challenges



Cleaning & Disinfection

Ensure a healthy and clean space based on its frequentation and real conditions.

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Bad user experience

Users avoid spaces when there are bad conditions, odors or abnormal events, such as smoking (cigarette, cannabis).

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Lack of process control

How to know when, why and how the proper cleaning and disinfection processes should happen?

Our solution

Ensure user’s experience, perception

Ensure user’s experience, perception
of cleanliness and comfort

Control the impact of harmful odors (moisture, drainage/waste…) as well as the “positive” ones (air fresheners, etc.).

Provide a thorough, regular
and appropriate cleaning

Provide a thorough, regular and appropriate cleaning of different facilities

Correlate in real time cleaning operations with peak usage times or abnormal events and control the types  and amounts of products used.

Guarantee high
quality services

Guarantee high quality and optimized services

Report on the effectiveness of cleaning and security processes, communicate with stakeholders and initiate actions for improvement.

Post-disinfection assessment:


Cleaning done, absence of disinfection-related compounds


Viral transmission Index


Successful cleaning operations rate last month


Positive user’s feedback


A clear picture of your spaces’ situation in real-time through actionable data for meaningful and impactful actions

Track cleaning process performance and understand situations both real-time and on the longer term. Ensure that healthy spaces are always available to the public with proof elements on cleanliness (detection of cleaning procedures) and safety (ex: ozone-free spaces after ozonolysis).

Thanks to Ellona’s environmental intelligence insights, you can follow-up on key KPIs relevant for your business performance and be able to make well-informed decisions at the proper time to guarantee healthy and secured spaces for the occupants.

Our adapted offer
to this practical case

A global, real-time indoor air quality monitoring solution

Ellona software

A centralized and exploitable dashboard



The most comprehensive real-time connected indoor monitoring system


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