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Ellona provides advanced environmental intelligence solutions, collecting & enriching data on perceived conditions, both outdoor and indoor, for the benefit of decision makers. These solutions are state of the art and use AI and Edge IoT technologies.


deaths annually

Air pollution silently kills the equivalent of Honk Kong, Santiago de Chile or Houston’s population


billion € of loss at UE level

Impact on EU GDP due to not taking into account the effect of environmental pollution

x 4

indoor and outdoor
pollution ratio

Indoor pollution is up to 4 times higher than outdoor pollution

Inspired by Humans

With our unique biomimetic approach, we digitize the human senses and reveal the ambient conditions of an environment (indoor or outdoor). Vague impressions (“it smells bad”) become clear and precise (“the smell is composed of a mixture of XXX and YY and appeared at 11:57 am”). In doing so, we provide our customers with actionable data that helps them take action and improve their processes and operations.

Advanced Environmental Intelligence

We create Environmental Intelligence solutions, from IoT to Applications, which monitor real-time conditions (vibrations, gases present, light, particles, air quality, ..) to transform them in actionable data for businesses and citizens.

Sustainability Trajectory

Our actions define who we are. At Ellona we are proudly acting and contributing every day to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Good Health and Well Being, Clean Water and Sanitation, Industries Innovation and Infrastructure, Sustainable Cities and Communities, Responsible Consumption and Production.

Our history

Dr. Jean-Christophe Mifsud, first founded and developed the Alpha MOS company, to create the world’s first electronic nose, tongue and eye, with 24 patents at the end.

He anticipated the advantages that could be brought by the fusion and modulation of sensors in the fields of health and the environment.

Ellona was born from the collaboration of several experts working on the development of new solutions to enable the online quantification and identification of pollutants.

Today, Ellona provides a full range of unique solutions for companies seeking a better impact on health and the environment worldwide.

Our Investors

After two successful rounds of fundraising, we have formed a board of investors who accompany and advise us in our ambition to develop and expand our offer.

Our board

With more than 40 employees, investors and a scientific board based in Toulouse, Paris and Florida, Ellona is a fast-growing company with different teams and profiles working every day to achieve important advances in the field of environmental intelligence.

Jean-pierre GLOTON
Business Angel

Thomas RIVAL
VP partner at EVOLEM

Président at AFCanterini conseil

Alexander CROWEL
Managing Director at PureTerra Ventures

Mathieu COSTES
Partner EMEA region & operating Partner at Airbus Ventures

Ceo and founder of active’Invest group

Enguerrand ROCHEFORT
Co-fouding partner at Rochefort & Aociés

Jean-Christophe MIFSUD
President & CEO at Ellona

Our scientific board

Professor in Electronic Engineering at University of Warwick

Elisabeth A.H.HALL
Professor of Analytical Biotechnology & Head of Research Dept.Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology at Cambridge University

Technical director of Alphasense

Analytical research expert at Veolia Research & Innovation

Jean-Claude DE WIT

Vice President, Innovation Group & President i3 Solution LLC

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