How to implement better air quality in schools?

With the health crisis of COVID-19, the indoor air quality has become an important issue for all establishments receiving the public. The bad quality of the air of the buildings can indeed, have heavy repercussions on the health of its occupants. Schools and nurseries have to implement solutions to monitor and improve the indoor spaces where children live. Beyond the important viral impact that a bad air quality can establish, the risks of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases are also present.

The Agency for Environment and Energy Management (ADEME) and the Ministry of Ecological Transition have made available a comprehensive guide on the dangers of poor air quality and how to implement a strategy oriented towards the well-being of students.

Discover all their proposals by reading their guide!

At Ellona, we can only agree with all the ADEME’s prerogatives for a better air quality in schools. To discover an adapted tool for the management of indoor environmental nuisances, discover our POD2 solution.