Written by Anne Dequeker

7 April 2022


Toulouse Métropole choose Ellona for its “Night Flight” project

“Toulouse Aerospace, an eco-neighborhood dedicated to innovation, is a precursor of the city of tomorrow from which a new model of urban development will emerge.”

Toulouse Métropole


Toulouse Metropole has selected Ellona, the leader in Environmental Intelligence, to equip the Montaudran district, an eco-neighborhood of the city of Toulouse. This operation is part of the “Night Flight” project, gathering a bunch of innovations and companies (Scopelec, Alsatis, Exem, etc.) that will allow to imagine and test digital developments of the metropolitan territory.

As a technological and innovation showcase for the city of Toulouse, the Montaudran district will be equipped with numerous sensors developed by Ellona. The objective is to measure and map air quality and noise, both in the outdoor and indoor environment, and to help the community in real time to take action or remediation decisions that may be necessary to improve the lives of citizens and the operations of the city.

Outdoors, a network of several WT1 sensors – detecting in real time, gas, particulate, noise and odor emissions – will be installed at various sites in the neighborhood, including sites such as the Rocade, the areas of the B612 Innovation Center building, the Envol des Pionniers, and up to the halle aux grains in the heart of Toulouse.

Similarly, several POD2s for indoor environments – which map emissions and identify sources of nuisance (volatile organic compounds, toxins, noise, odors, allergens) – will be deployed in public buildings and performance venues, including the Médiathèque and the Halle aux Grains.

This new contract illustrates the attractiveness and relevance of Ellona's solutions on the strategic market of local authorities.

Jean-Christophe Mifsud, CEO of Ellona, says “We are proud to have been selected for this innovative project and to participate in improving the well-being of citizens in the collective spaces of the city of Toulouse. Our mission is to make the invisible visible, by measuring in real time gases, particles, but also to integrate the perceptible elements that can impact the adherence of citizens to their environment such as sounds, odors, allergens, acting better for their health, sanitation and commitment. The data collected can then be shared with operations managers, as well as citizens and employees, to make spaces healthier, smarter and safer.”

Joë Di Marco of Toulouse Metropole, comments “Toulouse Metropole is at the heart of innovation and we confirm our commitment to developing smart cities. We are investing in this large-scale project and are delighted to foster the Toulouse ecosystem in order to offer a better quality of life to our fellow citizens.”


Ellona confirms its ambition to become the reference player in Environmental and Situational Intelligence data for indoor and outdoor environments.


About Ellona

A pioneer in the digitization of human senses for environmental intelligence, Ellona combines miniaturized sensors and artificial intelligence within its IOT solutions. The company innovatively enables to recognize the sources of environmental nuisances and thus to act efficiently in real time.

Ellona offers unique databases: gases and odors, noise and sounds, particles and allergens, to industrial companies (production sites, waste treatment sites, port and airport authorities, construction sites) and communities (smart cities, public buildings, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, etc.), putting people back at the heart of measurement to serve the 3 Cs (Citizens, Employees, Customers) by integrating sensory measurement with analytical measurement.

At the heart of innovation, Ellona opens the way to the environmental revolution.



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