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Ellona objectif

Our Objective

Enable all kinds of players to take concrete actions on their environment, in real time, whether they are port or airport authorities, Smart Cities, construction sites, facility managers who handle open spaces or even hospitals.

Our biomimetic approach aims at reproducing the functioning of human being

Man interacts with his environment through his five cognitive senses. It is through this situational intelligence that the human being will interpret, consciously or unconsciously, the elements that will allow him to perceive and understand the environment in which he finds himself.

By analogy, Ellona will thus establish databases that will collect and merge the various information from sensors. Thanks to its algorithms and the contribution of AI, Ellona will be able to propose solutions to contextualize in a very fine way, a precise environment. This will allow the definition of complex signatures that reflect situations encountered in the field

Working principles :

Ellona comment ça marche

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