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Human Senses Digitalization, the first step to advanced environmental intelligence

Pollution of our environments has major impacts on our societies. Today, simple measurement is no longer enough.


deaths annually

Air pollution silently kills the equivalent of Hong-Kong, Santiago de Chili or Houston’s population


billion € of loss at UE level

Impact on EU GDP due to not taking into account the effect of environmental pollution

x 4

indoor and outdoor
pollution ratio

Indoor pollution is up to 4 times higher than outdoor pollution

Human Senses Digitization: how it works


Advanced real-time environmental emissions monitoring system tailored for industrial environments

This all-in-one solution simplifies the understanding and control of your complex industrial environments. It is designed for both surface and duct emissions, enabling digital signatures, gas and particle analyses, and odor quantification according to standards (EN 13725, ASTM 679)


Real-time monitoring system for environmental emissions specifically tailored for outdoor settings

This intelligent solution offers tailored understanding and control for diverse outdoor environments, including smart cities and industrial settings, with fenceline emissions monitoring


Real-time environmental emissions monitoring system dedicated to indoor environments

This all-in-one standard system enables understanding and control of your indoor environment, ensuring the health and well-being of occupants while optimizing your business operations


From rapid prototyping to an integrated solution in your industry

An integrated CUSTOM offering consisting of custom multi-sensor modules, peripheral databases and a cloud-based software suite capable of interfacing with any type of smart device (PC, smartphone, embedded firmware) to measure and control your devices…

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