Written by Anne Dequeker

4 November 2022

Benefits of online environmental monitoring for mining

The lecture given by Raphael PICARD, EMEA sales area manager of Ellona, introduces the benefits of implementing online environmental monitoring solutions within mining projects to better protect workers, reassure neighbourhoods about emissions, and respect local regulations.

Importantly, the lecture also highlights how the solution presented can automatically trigger alarms, or dedicated remediation systems, thus improving mining operations and reducing environmental impact and enhancing security of workers. It is also focusing on the answer provided by Ellona to the need of mining project to evaluate environmental impact before starting operations. Thanks to continuous monitoring of the environment, Ellona provide mining companies the means to control and improve their process during and after operations.

It goes beyond just measures and corresponding data, but creates the missing link between monitoring and remediation, thanks to fusion of sensor data, thus creating environmental intelligence that is leading to better decision making insight and more transparent management of operations.

As key take-aways, Ellona enables for outdoor environments to understand the risks and be in control of the environment, delivers a complete ecosystem with real-time monitoring, visualisation and management of workers environments.

Thanks to solution-based offer, Ellona focuses on solving business problems, with use-case-adapted environment measurements, thus improving operations to enhance a healthy and secured environment.



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