Industrial solution

Industrial solution

Take control of your processes and toxic emissions to guarantee healthy, safe and productive working spaces. Enhance your air quality and optimize your industrial processes by better following fermentation, detecting leaks, etc.).

Your challenges

Industrial solution


Air quality, health and comfort

Bad working conditions negatively affect negatively employees’ health as well as their motivation and productivity.

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Safety risks

Gas leaks or abnormal emissions can occur, potentially causing damage to your installation and danger to your workforce.

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Lack of process control

Without real-time data, you are not aware of the real-time adaptations required during the industrial process for its cost or production optimization.

Our solution

Ensure air quality and comfort

Ensure air quality and comfort

Improve occupants’ working conditions and perceptions by controlling odor and gas exposure in real time.

Guarantee high-performance

Guarantee high-performance workforce

Reduce potential risks and maximize workers’ and production lines’ efficiency.

Provide safe and healthy
working environments

Provide safe and healthy working environments

Use the reports to improve both short- and long-term health and safety of your workforce.



Air quality Index

2 times in 1h

Ventilation actions


Number of gas leaks

Status: in progress

Fermentation process


A clear picture of your spaces’ situation in real-time through actionable data for meaningful and impactful remediation.

Control and adapt industrial process performance and understand situations both real-time and on the longer term. Ensure that healthy spaces are always available for the workforce with proof elements on air quality (exposure to toxic compounds) and safety (gas leaks, smoldering fire).

Thanks to Ellona’s environmental intelligence insights, you can follow-up on key KPIs relevant for your business performance and be able to make well-informed decisions at the proper time to guarantee healthy and secure spaces for the occupants.

Our adapted offer
to this practical case

A global, real-time indoor air quality monitoring solution

Ellona software

A centralized and exploitable dashboard



The most comprehensive real-time connected indoor monitoring system


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