Written by Anne Dequeker

8 September 2023


ELLONA AT POLLUTEC 2023: Leading the way in Environmental Intelligence

ELLONA, renowned for its expertise in environmental intelligence, is gearing up for the 2023 edition of the POLLUTEC trade show, scheduled to take place at Lyon Eurexpo from October 10 to 13.

POLLUTEC, the leading event in the environment and energy sector, brings together leading industry players and experts every year. This year, ELLONA has established itself as a key exhibitor in this field, and we look forward to sharing our wealth of knowledge with you.

Discover Environmental Intelligence at ELLONA Booth H5-A064

Join us in a captivating journey through the realm of Environmental Intelligence by visiting our primary booth in Hall 5-A064. Immerse yourself in our state-of-the-art solutions designed for monitoring both indoor and outdoor environments. ELLONA stands as a prominent figure in this ever-evolving sector. Whether it’s in waste management, water treatment, sustainable urban initiatives, environmental process optimization, construction projects, and beyond, our expertise will guide you deep into the realms of analysis, control, identification, and transformation, etc.

ELLONA and VINCI-LEONARD: Unveiling Environmental Innovation in Construction

We are also thrilled to extend our invitation to meet us at the Hall 4-L114 booth of our trusted partner, VINCI, along with its visionary innovation hub, LEONARD. This strategic partnership opens the gateway to daring exploration, unveiling fresh innovative viewpoints and synergies for addressing environmental challenges. Explore how this dynamic alliance is reshaping Environmental Intelligence within the construction industry.



ELLONA empowers you to perceive and understand human sensations, encompassing elements like odors, particles, dust, and sounds. Our mission at ELLONA revolves around the development of online measurement networks tailored to our environmental surroundings. Imagine a scenario where a sound level meter detects a noise level of 100 decibels at a bustling intersection; discerning whether it’s a Harley-Davidson, a jackhammer, a car collision, or a gunshot becomes crucial, as each demands a distinct approach for effective resolution. ELLONA’s robust databases enable us to decode these diverse anomalies and contextual cues, allowing us to respond with precision.

 In the realm of smart cities, we orchestrate a spectrum of actions, such as adjusting traffic signals to ease congestion proactively and mitigating pollution downstream when needed. Urban transportation-related pollution issues are meticulously monitored through sensor networks that identify irregularities and malfunctions in real-time, enabling swift corrective measures.

 At the Saint-Ouens household waste incinerator, located near Paris, ELLONA employed sensor networks to measure odors at their source and their impact on the surrounding neighborhood. This data empowers us to optimize processes, including clinker management, door closures, and route optimization for trucks, enhancing the overall environmental footprint and quality of life for residents.


We’re looking forward to having you at POLLUTEC 2023, where we’ll share our perspective on a smarter, more sustainable environmental future. Keep an eye out for updates on special presentations, live demonstrations, and networking opportunities.

Come visit ELLONA at POLLUTEC 2023 to learn about how Environmental Intelligence is reshaping the way we observe and impact our environment.




  • Venue: EUREXPO Lyon – Parc des expositions – 9 avenue Louis Blériot, 69680 Lyon
  • Dates: Tuesday, October 10 to October 13, 2023
  • Opening hours: 9 am to 6:30 pm (Friday 13th, 9 am to 4 pm)
  • ELLONA stand: Hall 5-A064
  • VINCI-LEONARD stand: Hall 4-L114


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