Written by Anne Dequeker

10 June 2024


ELLONA joins the GICAN: a new step in commitment to the Maritime Industry

We are pleased to announce that Ellona has joined the Groupement des Industries de Construction et Activités Navales (GICAN), with a membership unanimously approved during the board meeting on Wednesday, May 16, 2024. The GICAN, a true cornerstone of the French maritime sector, brings together over 280 industrialists and organizations, thus forming an invaluable collective force.

A powerful alliance for the maritime future

With over 80 mandates, the GICAN plays a pivotal role in dialogues between the state and the industry, actively participating in the work of the French Maritime Committee alongside the General Secretariat of the Sea and the French Maritime Cluster. This involvement extends to the European level, where the GICAN collaborates closely with major associations such as SEA Europe and ASD.

As a member of the Strategic Committee for the Maritime Industry and a participant in key institutions like the UIMM and France Industrie, the GICAN embodies excellence and representativeness for the entire industry.

Ellona: A strengthened commitment to the Maritime Environment

For Ellona, this membership represents much more than just integration into a selective and high-quality network. It’s a renewed commitment to our mission of monitoring environmental emissions in ports.

Our passion for a healthy, clean, and sustainable environment is heightened by this collaboration with major players in the sector.

We look forward to leveraging our expertise, learning, and evolving alongside such prestigious partners.

Together, we will build a more sustainable and efficient future for the maritime sector, while promoting innovation and collaboration.

We would like to express our gratitude to GICAN for this warm welcome and for the opportunity to be part of this dynamic community. Ellona is excited about this new adventure and is committed to actively contributing to the evolution and prosperity of the maritime industry.

Stay with us to follow our progress in this exciting new stage of our journey!

7 key surveillance areas

In the port sector, we are committed to providing accurate atmospheric environmental data to assist port decision-makers and managers in implementing effective remediation measures. This translates into specific initiatives in the following seven key surveillance areas:

  1. Dock and berth areas: Providing data on ship emissions at dock to enable precise monitoring and corrective actions aimed at reducing air quality impacts.
  2. Handling and storage areas: Monitoring dust and chemical emissions during loading and unloading operations, facilitating the identification of pollution sources and the implementation of mitigation solutions.
  3. Transit and transportation areas: Supplying data on emissions from land and maritime traffic to assess the environmental impact of transportation activities and encourage the use of cleaner transport modes. Developing unique ship signatures for effective emission management.
  4. Industrial zones and related activities: Monitoring atmospheric emissions from industrial facilities to enable businesses to take steps to reduce their environmental footprint.
  5. Ship maintenance and repair areas: Providing information on emissions associated with ship maintenance activities to enable ports to implement appropriate environmental management protocols.
  6. Office and port infrastructure areas: Monitoring atmospheric emissions from port infrastructure to identify opportunities for improving energy efficiency and reducing emissions in indoor and confined environments.
  7. Receipt and shipping areas for hazardous goods: Contributing to the assessment of risks associated with the transport and storage of hazardous goods for effective planning and swift response in case of incidents.

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