Written by Anne Dequeker

15 February 2022


New indoor dashboards on Ellonasoft

2022 will be full of new opportunities and we’re starting this new year with interesting new features now available on Ellonasoft, our digital platform! 

New indoor dashboard for better insights

Ellona launches its new indoor dashboard available on the Ellonasoft platform to help you take control of your environment! 

Dedicated applications have been designed to ease use and understanding of data. Viewing and managing your indoor environment is more simple, easy and convenient than ever. 

Also, this dashboard provides now with a proper display of key indicators: 

  • NEW! Containment Index (characterizing the adequacy of air renewal in a room according to its occupation. A high confinement index indicates that the air renewal is insufficient in the room)
  • Air Quality Index 
  • Comfort Index 
  • Viral Transmission Index 
  • Odor Index 


Furthermore, this dashboard comes with different new key features to enhance user experience: 

  • Packaged applications to ease understanding of data  
  • Quick overview of the status of all your sites 
  • 2 different detailed overviews per space 
  • Visualization of relevant parameters, adapted to the solution chosen for your use case: Environmental Quality, Well-being & Covid, Cleaning… 
  • Display of key indicators: Containment Index, Viral Transmission, Comfort… 
  • Real-time and easy visualization of alarms 
  • Historical and real-time data visualization every 10 secs per parameter 

Simple and easy to understand this indoor dashboard makes it easy to spot trends and valuable insights about your environment. Based on this data you’ll be able to customize alarms and notifications based on your preferences to promptly identify and address issues. 

Gas sensors available in µg/m3 units

With the aim of improving the monitoring of your gas emissions, you will have the possibility of visualizing gas sensor measurements not only in ppm units, but in µg/m3. 

Enjoy this feature from January 17th 2022. Get in touch with our Customer Success team and provide them with your desired conversion formulas from ppm to µg/m3. 

Optimization of names and categories of measured parameters

Available from January 17th 2022, Ellona has improved, adapted and harmonized the name of all measured parameters in the platform in order to: 

  • Ease your user experience 
  • Optimize the data display 
  • Facilitate the understanding of each parameter’s meaning 

We have also enhanced the list of categories within which the different measured parameters are grouped:

For more information on these new features, do not hesitate to get in touch with our teams! 

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