Written by Anne Dequeker

18 February 2022

The most accurate PM 2.5 particles sensor in the world!

Integrating the best sensors for each pollutant in its solutions, has allowed Ellona to be particularly distinguished during the AirParif 2021 Microsensor Challenge, whether for indoor or outdoor air quality measurement. This success is for us important as it rewards our efforts: creating the best devices and technology for air quality monitoring.

Indeed, we are very proud to have chosen Tera Group’s Next PM sensor which has been tested by AQMD (an American reference organization for the evaluation of sensor quality) as the most accurate in the world for the measurement of PM 2.5 particles. Congratulation to Tera group!

As a reminder our WT1 outdoor solution, has been recognized by Airparif’s Jury for its various functionalities and it’s performances specially in the analysis of PM1, PM2.5 and NO2

Our POD2 for indoor solution analysis and remediation, was recognized as the best multi-pollutant sensor in terms of accuracy and reliability! This resulted in a ranking of 4.5 out of 5 stars with a recognition of our expertise, particularly in the measurement of CO2, PM1 and PM2.

To learn all about Tera’s sensor, read their full report!

To get full details about our AirParif 2021 Microsensor Challenge results make sure to download the documentations for our POD2 and WT1.

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