Written by Anne Dequeker

31 May 2023


Business trip to Orlando for the ACE 2023 exhibition by A&WWA



ELLONA will participate to the ACE 2023 exhibition from June 5 to 8, in Orlando, (Florida), organized by A&WMA.

As the industry’s leading environmental event, ACE 2023 provides unique opportunities for participants to network and share information and solutions related to the areas of environmental air quality, sustainability and resource conservation, power generation, transportation, health and environmental effects, and waste management.

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Tuesday , 6th June, 2023, 3:10pm

During the Air Sensors and Air Quality technical session, Jean-Christophe Mifsud, President and CEO of ELLONA, will focus on the “On-Line Monitoring of Odor Unit Emissions and Odor Sources Identification by Using a New Generation of Analyzers”.

Dynamic Olfactometry (EN 13725:2022- ASTM E679:2019) is the standard and well-established technique for odor concentration measurements, however, it is only sometimes adapted for large industrial sites which need continuous monitoring and fast results to take the appropriate remediation action. Additionally, these sites need to have odor source identification solutions to ensure proper remediation actions or to protect themselves from non-legitimate claims.

In Canada, a large Pulp & Paper company was interested in better assessing their operations’ online gas and odors emissions, aiming at identifying the possible source and situation of possible olfactive nuisances on the neighbors. The paper company is surrounded by communities living close by, and a cookie and chemical factories that can also be source of olfactive nuisances. Furthermore, the city council has communicated the need for effective odor control to avoid the need to relocate the plant. The Company does not have the tools to quantify or identify the sources of the olfactive pollution aside from regular rounds of the facilities by local personnel.

Jean-Christophe Mifsud will discuss the results details using IOMS (Instrumental Odor Monitoring System), allowing to obtain good results based on the expected outcome from the Paper Company:

  1. A better understanding of the sources of olfactory nuisances: three repetitive sources were characterized (Pungent, Rotten Egg, and Wet Paper odors)
  2. Odor levels assessment (real-time quantification): notification thresholds were defined at 500, 750, and 1000 distance Odor Units (DOU), triggering alerts and alarms for remediation purposes and anticipating any corrective actions and operations.
  3. Identification of emitting sources: based on the odor characterization and the events log, the three perceived odors were mapped back to specific sources (two internal and one external to the property)
  4. Odor Characterization (real-time): the olfactory nuisances were taught to the WT1 to be identified when the odor unit’s threshold is reached and quickly implement remediation actions
  5. Odor-level data were collected for correlation analysis with operational activities.Thanks to previous results, the continuous monitoring could help the plant to fulfill their expectation in reducing odor intensity and the number of complaints and differentiate themselves from near-located emissions.

You can already consult the Customer Case:

Download the Customer Case Paper Packaging Company (North America)









  • Dates: Jun 5 – 8, 2023 (Mon — Thu)
  • Location:
    Hyatt Regency Orlando
    Orlando, Florida
  • More Information: https://www.awma.org/ace2023


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