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Ellona Pod2

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Analyse in real time

By bridging the gap between raw data and actionable information, Ellona’s environmental intelligence platform provides you with augmented data for meaningful and impactful actions for businesses and communities.



The AI algorithms and databases developed by Ellona allow not only to quantify odors or particles but also to identify them.


Quality Index

The Ellona solution allows to combine the measurements of different parameters and proposes decision support indices: containment index, viral index, etc.


Alerts & notifications

The Ellona platform allows to set different types of alerts in real time and to automate the generation of intelligent reports.


Automatic triggering of remediation

Thanks to the API integrated into the platform, Ellona’s solution can automatically trigger various third-party systems such as: ventilation, heating, window opening, etc.


Feedback on human perception

Ellona’s solutions integrate a function allowing individuals to report in real time their perceptions of the environment to adjust the analysis algorithms.

Standard configuration

SensorsTypeRangeLODAccuracy R2Resolution
TemperatureSolide state-40°C to +85°C0.1°C±10.1
Atmosphéric pressureSolide state300 to 1100 hPA1 hPA0.00251 hPA
HumiditySolide state0 to 100%
NoiseOmnidirectional mic60 to 120 dB(A)1 dBAN/A0.1 dBA
Light intensitySolide state0 to 10 000 LuxN/AN/A1 Lux
Light colorSolide state0 and 12 000°KN/AN/A1°K
VibrationSolide state0 to 40 m/s2N/A0.1 m/sN/A
Total VOC concentrationMOS1 to 1000 ppmN/AN/A0.1 ppm

Gas table

Gas typeRangeLOD*R2 AccuracyResolution *
NH30 to 100 ppm0.090 ppmN/A0.030 ppm
H2S 0 to 50 ppm0.015 ppmN/A0.005 ppm
NO20 to 20 ppm0.010 ppm<2%0.030 ppm
NO2 + O30 to 10 ppm0.003 ppmN/A0.009 ppm
SO20 to 50 ppm0.008 ppmN/A0.025 ppm
NO0 to 250 ppm0.025 ppmN/A0.008 ppm
CO0 to 1000 ppm0.171 ppmN/A0.057 ppm
O20 to 30%1000 ppmN/A100 ppm
CL20 to 20 ppm0.018 ppmN/A0.006 ppm
HCI (HBr)0 to 20 ppm0.018 ppmN/A0.030 ppm
CH200 to 10 ppm0.002 ppmN/A0.001 ppm
EtO0 to 100 ppm0.005 ppmN/A0.002 ppm
Alcohols (ETO at +50 mV)0 to 100 ppm0.005 ppmN/A0.003 ppm
PH30 to 10 ppm0.009 ppmN/A0.003 ppm
HCN0 to 100 ppm0.129 ppmN/A0.043 ppm
H20 to 2000 ppm6 ppmN/A2 ppm
H20 to 4000 ppm6 ppmN/A2 ppm
H20 to 40 000 ppm15 ppmN/A5 ppm
H2O20 to 1000 ppm0.1 ppmN/A0.03 ppm

Optionnal Measured Parameters

SensorTypeRangeLODR2 AccuracyRésolution
PM (1/2.5/4/10) Mass concentrationOptical particle counter0 to 1000 μg/m3N/A10 µg/m30.1 μg/m3
PM (0.5/1/2.5/10) Type identificationOptical particle counter0 to 1000 1/cm3N/A10% (25% for PM4, PM10)N/A
CO2NDIR0 to 10 000 ppmN/A20 ppm +3%1ppm