Your operations depend on effective control  of environmental impact

The standard all-in-one system for understanding and controlling your outdoor environment. Real-time air monitoring, odor and noise recognition will make your decisions easier.

Ellona WT1

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Analyze in real time

By bridging the gap between raw data and actionable information, Ellona’s environmental intelligence platform provides you with augmented data for meaningful and impactful actions for businesses and communities.



The AI algorithms and databases developed by Ellona allow not only to quantify odors or particles but also to identify them.


Dispersion Model

Ellona proposes a dispersion software allowing to integrate weather data and to model the impact of the emissions of a site on its neighborhood.


Alerts & notifications

The Ellona platform allows to set different types of alerts in real time and to automate the generation of intelligent reports.


Automatic triggering of remediation

Thanks to the integration of ON/OFF and 4-20 mA switches in the WT1, the Ellona solution allows to automatically trigger different third party systems such as: sampling, misting or ventilation ramp, etc.


Feedback on human perception

Ellona’s solutions integrate a function allowing individuals to report in real time their perceptions of the environment to adjust the analysis algorithms.

Native sensors

SensorMeasuring rangeLODAccuracyResolution
Temperature-40°C to 85°C/±1°C0.1°C
Humidity0 to 100% RH/±3% RH0.01% RH
Atmospheric pressure300 to 1,100 hPa/±1 hPa0.1 hPa

Noise (optional sensor)

SensorMeasuring rangeLODAccuracy Resolution
Noise30 to 120 dBA/1 dBA0.1 dBA

Gas (optional sensors)

SensorType of sensorMeasuring RangeLODResolution
AlcoholsElectrochemical0 to 200 ppm0.009 ppm0.001 ppm
CH4 - NDIROptical0 to 5%0.01%0.02% of FS range
CH2O (Formaldéhyde)Electrochemical0 to 10 ppm0.002 ppm0.001 ppm
Cl2Electrochemical0 to 20 ppm0.018 ppm0.006 ppm
COElectrochemical0 to 1,000 ppm0.063 ppm0.001 ppm
CO2 - NDIROptical400 to 10,000 ppm± 30 ppm1 ppm
EtO (Ethylene Oxyde)Electrochemical0 to 10 ppm0.005 ppm0.001 ppm
H2Electrochemical0 to 2,000 ppm6 ppm2 ppm
H2Electrochemical0 to 4,000 ppm6 ppm2 ppm
H2Electrochemical0 to 40,000 ppm15 ppm5 ppm
HCl (HBr)Electrochemical0 to 100 ppm0.09 ppm0.03 ppm
HCNElectrochemical0 to 100 ppm0.129 ppm0.043 ppm
H202 (Peroxyde)Electrochemical0 to 100 ppm0.1 ppm0.03 ppm
H2SElectrochemical0 to 50 ppm0.003 ppm0.001 ppm
NH3Electrochemical0 to 100 ppm0.09 ppm0.03 ppm
NOElectrochemical0 to 250 ppm0.011 ppm0.001 ppm
NO2Electrochemical0 to 5 ppm0.003 ppm0.001 ppm
NO2 + O3Electrochemical0 to 10 ppm0.003 ppm0.001 ppm
N2O - NDIROptical0 to 1 000 ppm50 ppm20 ppm
O2Electrochemical0 to 30%0.1%0.1%
PH3Electrochemical0 to 20 ppm0.009 ppm0.003 ppm
RSH (Tertiobutyl Mercaptan)Electrochemical0 to 14 ppm0.1 ppm0.03 ppm
SO2Electrochemical0 to 50 ppm0.008 ppm0.001 ppm
VOC (concentration)PID0 to 10 ppm0.003 ppm0.001 ppm

Particles (optional sensors)

SensorMeasuring rangeLODResolution Accuracy
PM10 to 1,000 µg/m30.5 µg/m31 µg/m3±2 µg/m3
PM2.50 to 2,000 µg/m30.5 µg/m31 µg/m3±3 µg/m3
PM40 to 2,000 µg/m30.5 µg/m31 µg/m3±3 µg/m3
PM100 to 10,000 µg/m30.5 µg/m31 µg/m3±4 µg/m3
TPC (Total Particle counter - PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10)0 to 8,000 counts/cm3-1 counts/cm³10% for PM1, PM2.5 / 25% for PM10

All-in-on dryer


Protective shelter

Solar panel

Weather station

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